Xiaomi Mix 4 was cut from a feature that did not pass the regulations

When announcing the Mi Mix 4, Xiaomi announced an anti-theft system that allows you to find your phone no matter what. However, this function will not see the light of day. Xiaomi officials announced the features and new version during the live stream. The stream was also mentioned on TikTok. Shares and engagement in general was very big and fans were very satisfied. If you want to get the same type of engagement and lots of shares of your video on the platform, then buy TikTok followers as a first step. Then stay engaged with the fans and actively stream & upload videos.

Xiaomi Mix 4 offer

Xiaomi Mix 4 offer

August 10 Xiaomi has unveiled the new flagship in China: Mix 4. In addition to the technical sheet worthy of the best high-end smartphones, this new representative of the Mi Mix range brings a novelty that we rarely see so far: the front camera under the display.

Unfortunately, one of the features that the brand highlighted during this conference will not see the light of day due to non-compliance.

Cancel anti-lost mode

During the event, Xiaomi introduced a mode that allows you to find the Mix 4 no matter what. Thanks for example Built into the phone, it can communicate its location at any time, even if the SIM card associated with the mobile network is removed.

Unfortunately, in a note posted on Weibo, Xiaomi announced that this online service has finally been canceled and will not be implemented on the Mix 4. And for good reason! According to the Chinese manufacturer’s message, this technology “Does not comply with current national regulations“.It will therefore be necessary for you to be satisfied with the usual services and the limitations they provide.

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As a reminder, the Xiaomi Mix 4 was launched at CNY 4999 (equivalent to €660 excluding taxes). At the moment, a launch in France is not planned. So this technology will not have to face European regulatory authorities.

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