Xiaomi Smart Glasses: Ultra-Virtual Connected Glasses

How do you get people to talk about yourself on the cheap when you don’t have a product to launch? We swing the concept! This is what Xiaomi has just done with its smart glasses, connected glasses that were presented as a tangible product, but not intended to be produced and which may not even exist in product form. “Prototype.

However, Xiaomi envisions AR-ready glasses thanks to a screen the size of a grain of rice. We will not have this small screen in front of the eye, its rays of light will be refracted “Through the microscopic retinal structure of an optical waveguide lens.” “

The screen will make use of MicroLED monochrome technology (which allows for a higher pixel density than OLED) “To allow sufficient light to pass through complex optical structures before reaching the eye.” “

The Xiaomi smart glasses will look like regular glasses from the outside, except that there is a camera at the end of one of the branches. The Chinese manufacturer envisages the functions of displaying notifications, GPS navigation, taking pictures and translating text.

As said, Xiaomi does not intend to produce these glasses in the short or medium term. The brand simply wants to talk about it while Facebook just launched its binoculars in collaboration with Ray-Ban and that Apple intends to do the same in the future. Have we fallen into the trap of free ads that Xiaomi puts us? Although hypothetical, this concept suggests that the manufacturer is somewhat interested in connected glasses, which is information in and of itself.

Meanwhile, rumors continue to flow around Apple’s virtual and augmented reality headset project. according to electricityApple has asked Korean subcontractor APS Holdings for samples of MicroOLED displays.

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