You can check if your mobile phone is infected with Pegasus, here’s how!

A filthy Pegasus we can do without, and can be disposed of if we find his way in by chance. Indeed, this spyware program developed by the Israeli company NSO worries because it is not easy to realize (or not) the possibility of infection by the latter. Once installed on your smartphone after clicking on an infected link usually received by SMS, whether on iOS or Android, Pegasus runs at high speed to collect information about you.

Data collected by Pegasus may sometimes be resold to serve certain countries. Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, India, Hungary, Morocco, Mexico, and Togo, among many other countries, use it. So it was possible to collect almost 50,000 phone numbers.

A scandal has been exposed by Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International, two NGOs that have particularly emphasized the importance of targeted profiles, such as a consortium of 17 media outlets. For example, many journalists from Scientist And France Télévisions, but also Médiapart and Radio France, would have interest Moroccan services. In France, about 1,000 mobile phones are affected. And fortunately, there is a solution to check if you are infected with Pegasus or not.

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