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Nothing Phone (1) is only a few weeks away from its official launch and this is the moment nothing has chosen to impress their futuristic smartphone once again in a video where we can finally see the most important element of its design in a nutshell.

Nothing (1) // Source: None

after declaring Nothing Phone Launch Event (1) Next July 12, nothing has started to excite the design of his smartphone through visuals including animals. After the butterflies and the praying mantis ear (1) Who represented the precise design of the headphones, None Parrots are now using to promote their next product. And now we finally have an idea of ​​what these famous colorful birds were perched on.

Hey beautiful.

see you tomorrow.

Nothing (happened) – return to instinct.

– nothing nothing) June 14, 2022

2 second teaser

In a video available on the brand’s YouTube channel inviting you to find out behind the scenes of the final preparations before the phone is announced, we qualified for another teaser for the brand that allowed us to peek into a part of the design of its futuristic smartphone. , more precisely his back.

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Attention, the plan lasts two seconds at the end of the video. It’s very stealthy… and you have to zoom in.

none phone 1
Carl Pei unveils the most important part of Nothing phone (1) // Source: None

We can see what at first glance looks like a refill coil which will therefore be clearly visible on the back and a dual camera. The two elements thus confirm the previous rumors that were circulated about the design of the phone. At the beginning of the video, we also see a designer Teen EngineeringTom Howard holds a similar phone in his hand, although here it could just be an iPhone 12 with a clear MagSafe cover.

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New details distilled to the dropper

Another interesting thing we learned from this video is that Nothing phone (1) should not only offer a design that reveals its components, but can also qualify for a light-up back as we see in the hands of Marketing Director and Brand Co-founder Akis Evangelidis around 8 3 minutes and 3 seconds of video. The light in question appears to move on the back of the phone to take the form of the pattern presented by Carl Pei During the smartphone premiere last March.

RSVP now – # 8211;  Nothing (happened) - the truth.  23 March 14_00 GMT 22-23 screenshot
The only official design element for the Phone (1) when it was announced on March 23, 2022. // Source: none

We also see another member of the Nothing team reveal that the smartphone will be available first exclusively on Stock X, a marketplace dedicated to streetwear and sneakers that has recently opened up to high-tech products. We must therefore qualify for permission (i) for products in limited quantities on the Site initially while making them available elsewhere. This is the first episode of a new series of videos for the brand, so we may continue to learn more as we get closer to launch.

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