You will have to spend more than 100,000 euros to maximize your character, and the game goes through a review and blasting process

Immortal Diablo It is definitely a controversy game in Blizzard. Regarded very coldly by the community when it was announced, the game managed to regain its credibility during its alpha period, and was expected at the juncture of its full release last week. But it only took a few days for players to tire of the game’s economic model, which greatly favors microtransactions to move faster.

It is a very difficult end game

Location dementia game I uploaded a video of pillar news Who worked on the analysis of the economic system of the game, to understand how problematic it is. The video thus highlights that legendary gems will be difficult, if not impossible to collect for people who do not want to spend real money in the game.

The video estimates that you will need to spend around 100,000 euros to fully utilize your character with these legendary gemsKnowing that you get these randomly, even if you pay. Function reddit Until he explains that it will take more money than that, due to the last levels of upgrade that unlocks after reaching rank 10 of a 5-star legendary gem.

Metacritic score at its lowest

In the face of its own loot boxes and reputation as a paid game, the game is already suffering from the wrath of society, as is evident on the Metacritic From the game, as the score fell sharply. If we notice that the score of the game on the side of the press is 8.1 / 10, then the score of the community is only 0.8. Which makes it the third lowest result of a Blizzard match, as we have indicated VGCWhich just shows that Warcraft III Reforged And the World of Warcraft Classic: Burning Crusade Classic decreased (0.6 and 0.4, respectively).

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The most interesting criticism here relates to the final part of the game Immortal Diablo, which makes the need for microtransactions more tangible, as we saw above. Players mention that this need does not appear at the beginning of the game, but comes gradually and becomes pervasive at a higher level.

Blizzard has yet to respond to this indignation, but there is no doubt that this should give an idea of ​​the European associations combating these practices, given that the game has already been banned in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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