You’ll know that at the end of the summer

As controversial as the time change may be, it still exists despite plans to the contrary. Central European Time (CET) applies in Germany in the winter season. It is often referred to as winter time, but according to the current situation, it is the normal time. In the spring, the so-called summer time is brought back to. Central European Daylight Savings Time (CEST) always runs from the end of March to the end of October and ends now. The EU intends to change this regulation and the EU Parliament has agreed to abolish the time change for all EU countries.

By the way: Eternal summer time means not only that you have longer daylight in the evening, as it currently does, but also that it doesn’t get dark earlier in winter. At the same time, however, the light will also get later in the winter. The fact that the light is longer in the summer was originally the reason for the introduction of daylight saving time. One wanted to save energy. However, at the same time, the introduction of standard time for the whole year means the end of long and bright summer evenings.

Since the cancellation has been postponed indefinitely, on October 31, 2021, it will be time again: change the time! Hours are returned one hour.

Time change: This is how the mobile phone automatically changes

Regardless of whether it is Android or iOS – smartphones these days are usually always connected to the internet. The good news: this fact usually benefits cell phones and their owners when it comes to syncing settings. This is also the case with date and time.

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Well, the good news: as a rule, mobile and smartphone users do not have to do anything when the time changes, the devices work automatically. When the cell phone owner wakes up on Sunday morning, the cell phone will display the correct time automatically. But there are exceptions. W: The past has shown that this does not always work correctly.

Date, time, and time zone on iOS and Android

Factory settings are usually set to “Auto” in the corresponding menus of the smartphone in question. For Android phones, the information is presented under “Date and Time”. The setting is specifically called “Use network time”. The same applies to the time zone. On the iPhone, the corresponding setting is called “Date and time”. There you will find the sub-item “Set automatically”.

However, if this option is not activated, the clock in the cell phone must be changed manually. And even those who are still using an older device like Windows Phone can activate a corresponding feature in the time settings. With these devices can be found directly in the settings menu. The time is changed at night even when the mobile phone is offline. No modification is required for apps like WhatsApp and other apps – they are up to the exact time of the mobile.

If you’re not using a smartphone, but a so-called feature phone – in other words, a pure GSM mobile when in doubt – your mobile will also automatically switch. At least if the function is not turned off. The time change is stored in the corresponding programming or carried out by a signal over the network. However, cell phones do not access the official time signal of radio clocks, the DCF77 transmitter, directly. To do this, they will need another chip that receives the long wave signal. However, the signal generators on the Internet whose access is provided by mobile phones are provided by the transmitter or atomic clock behind it.

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The DCF77 signal for radio clocks is transmitted by Media Broadcast over the 77.5 kHz frequency from Mainflingen near Frankfurt. The signal can be received up to 2000 km from the transmitter. By the way, in addition to the time signal, weather data can now also be received on the frequency.

Routers, TVs, and Receivers – Changing the time can be important

Usually other devices connected to the network in some way change the time themselves. However, a short clock comparison should be done after the time change – even on your mobile phone. If this change is not implemented for various reasons, then problems and misunderstandings may arise. Then the user has to manually intervene and correct the time. For example, WLAN routers can turn themselves on and off at the wrong time, or the hard disk receiver can only record half of the preferred string at once. There have been many such bugs in the past: with iPhone, with AVM WLAN routers, or with smart home hubs. You have displayed the wrong time after changing the time.

Where can I find the official time online or over the phone?

The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig, which is responsible for official time in Germany, operates a website showing the official time in Germany. is under can access. Deutsche Telekom also runs a time ad on 01804 100100. It costs 20 cents per call from the German landline network and 42 cents per minute from a mobile phone. The video at the end of this guide shows you how the time announcement works,

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If you want to save yourself and do not want to guess every year how the time has changed, here is a tip: in the spring you set the time an hour forward, in the fall you set an hour backward. Garden and balcony furniture as a donkey bridge for a change of next time: this will be in the spring before Put the door, in the fall they will be brought return in the apartment.

By the way: DST 2022 starts on the night of March 26 to 27, 2021 and ends on October 30, 2022. Then winter time starts 2022/2023.

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