Zenless Zone Zero: Hint indicates that the game can outpace Genshin Impact at launch

The first trailer for Zenless Zone Zero was released for about a week, and it impressed the Hoyoverse fan base, exceeding all expectations. In fact, the community didn’t expect “much” before the opening promo. It seems difficult to match Genshin Impact, and the developers of miHoyO are already working on a huge project; Honkai Star Reel. How will the publisher find the firepower needed to get a third game out in the first place?

It is a misunderstanding that Huyvers doubts his abilities! On May 13, the publisher surprised everyone with a super stylish trailer for Zenless Zone Zero. It now appears that the latter can outperform even its big siblings in terms of hype. To realize this, just look at the view stats for each video you play.

The best launch trailer for Hoyoverse

Redditor named Geneva Recently posted stats View percentage From every launch video of miHoYo, their English YouTube channel. The results were amazing, because in just five days, Zenless Zone Zero trailer reaches 2.9 million views (At the time you’re reading these lines, it’s over 3.1 million views.)

It’s more than Twice the number of Genshin Impact’s launch trailer, which has been pinned at 1.4 million views, and nearly three times the number of Honkai Star Rail (1.1 million views).

In the end, the Zenless Zone Zero trailer attracted audiences. Especially since the players were generally very satisfied with this pre-taste of Rogolite. can legitimately be estimated that the noise As for Zenless Zone Zero, it will continue until its official launch, and there will be a lot of downloads upon release.

Zenless Zone Zero

Jinshin effect

In a somewhat paradoxical way, if the Zenless Zone Zero launch trailer “outperforms” the Genshin Impact trailer, it is precisely because of the popularity of the latter in Western countries. In fact, the still nascent Zenless Zone Zero community comes largely from the Genshin Impact community. The number of Genshin Impact players has increased over the past two years, and hoyoverse has gained a player base likely to be interested in its next games (like Blizzard fans, who are interested in supporting each new franchise revealed by the publisher).

Zenless Zone Zero can clearly be nipped in the bud with the power of the miHoYo fan base. And if the game fully lives up to the promises made in the trailer, it may cast a shadow over its older brother, Jinshin.

mobile games

Hoyoverse has just revealed one of its future titles for mobile phones, and it’s already possible to pre-register for it thanks to a simple method. If you’d like a chance to participate in the beta, this is where it comes in!

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