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07.04.2021 – 13:15

North Hessen Police Headquarters – Kassel

Kassel (OTS)

Kassel Weissertor:

A dispute over the minimum distance ended yesterday afternoon at a streetcar with an attack and damage to a mobile phone. A 23-year-old man advised a man on the train to keep the distance, at which point he was said to have taken the cellphone out of her hand. Then the perpetrator threatened her and hit her on the head, causing her minor injuries. Investigating officers at the Kassel Police are looking for witnesses who witnessed the accident and who can provide evidence of the unknown perpetrator.

As a 23-year-old woman from Kassel described to officers from the North Police Station, the accident happened around 5:15 pm. After I rode the tram in the Fasanenhof area towards the city center, the argument took place with the stranger and the physical attack shortly before the Altmarktkreuzung. Since the woman’s cell phone, which fell to the ground, was so damaged that she could no longer operate it, she went to a friend who immediately reported it to the police. The 23-year-old described a man of about 25, about 1.75 meters tall and dark-skinned, who wore a white FFP2 mask and a dark green winter jacket.

Witnesses who can provide regional investigation team officials with information on the perpetrator, please contact the Kassel Police at: 0561-9100.

Please contact:

Ulrike Shack
Press Attaché
Phone: 0561-910 1021

Police headquarters in North Hesse
Green Road 33
34117 Castle
press office

Phone: +49 561 910 1020 to 23
Fax: +49 611 32 766 1010
Email: [email protected]

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Outside of normal business hours
Duty police chief (pvd)
Phone: +49 561-910-0
Email: [email protected]

Original content from: North Hesse Police Headquarters – Kassel, transmitted via Aktuell News

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