Oops, Google accidentally displayed Pixel Buds A before announcing

Pixel Buds A was first confirmed in a leak through an advertisement from Google.

The next Google headphones are becoming more and more clear. At the end of March, we learned that the company was up and running Google Pixel A True Wireless Headphones, Whose name indicates that it will be a lower-priced model, such as the Pixel 3a and 4a.

A letter says a lot

Google has sent an email to subscribers to the Google Store newsletter where we can discover the range of products the company is focusing on: Pixel smartphonesNest devices and accessories. This final section represents a mysterious pair of headphones.

And according to 9to5Google, this pair of True Wireless headphones is none other than the popular Google Pixel Buds A. It can be recognized by the new green color inside, darker than the color of the 2020 model, and the displacement of the speakers. The charging indicator is on the top of the case. The product has also been monitored by the Federal Communications Commission in the United States.

In other words, the Pixel Buds A marketing is clearly approaching. We can expect spring formalization.

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