▷ POL-MA: Mannheim – Oststadt: Unidentified 16-year-olds harassed – Police looking for witnesses

21.07.2021 – 14:14

Police headquarters in Mannheim

Mannheim Oststadt (OTS)

A 16-year-old missed her train home around 8:00 p.m. Tuesday night and wanted to notify her mother over the phone. Since the youth’s mobile phone was not working, I called a passerby in the station’s front yard for help. This made her cell phone available without further ado. Shortly thereafter, the 16-year-old was approached by an unknown man, who apparently learned of the situation and offered her his cell phone. As a result, the man spoke to the young woman and pretended to show her something. To do this, he asked the 16-year-old to go to a nearby park bench. The young man, reassured, complied with the request. Then suddenly the man touched the arms and thighs of the 16-year-old. The young man immediately got up and looked for a nearby tram stop, where she escorted a passerby. The 37-year-old owner, aged 16, went to the Federal Police Station in Mannheim, where the young man finally filed a complaint. Meanwhile, the stranger fled.

The Criminal Police Office in Mannheim has started further investigations and is asking witnesses who witnessed the incident and who can provide information about the perpetrator’s guiding escape to contact the Criminal Police Information Hotline, 0621174 4444.

The offender can be described as follows: male, about 175-180 cm tall, about 40 years old, dark hair, southern appearance, skinny. It is said that the wanted man had noticeably protruding eyes, wore a white shirt and carried a bicycle with him.

Please contact:

Police headquarters in Mannheim
Public Relations Office
Jenny Ellsberg
Tel: 0621174-1111
Email: [email protected]

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Original content by: Police Headquarters Mannheim, transmitted by aktuell news

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