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26.02.2021 – 14:57

Paderborn Police

Paderborn / Salzecton (OTS)

(CK) – During traffic controls focusing on “distraction,” police arrested drivers driving their cell phones and some “hulls of the harness” on Thursday in Paderborn and Salzcotin.

In Paderborn, emergency services have set up checkpoints at Bielefelder Straße, An der Talle, Gierswall, Frankfurter Weg and Borchener Straße. On Salzkotten, police officers searched Lange Strasse.

A total of 18 drivers were found to have mobile phones while driving.

One of the drivers ignored the red light of a traffic light, and four drivers did not turn. Two reports of administrative violations were made because vehicle owners either exceeded the main inspection deadline or violated social regulations.

In addition to these controls on the topic of distraction, the police have also paid special attention to violations committed by him and against cyclists.

Officials found 24 cyclists were using the sidewalk illegally; A rider used a mobile phone.

However, during these checks, 23 motorists were observed: for example, warning fines were imposed and administrative offenses committed because motorists did not wear seat belts, ignored red lights of traffic lights and stop signs, and exceeded the deadline for the general. Inspection and improper behavior towards cyclists when turning.

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Paderborn County Police Authority
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Paderborn Police Control Center
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Original content by: Paderborn Police, transmitted via aktuell news

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