Xbox backward compatibility: “It’s getting more complex,” says Jason Ronald, Xbox One

One of the strengths of the Xbox ecosystem, and more than that since the release of the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, is backward compatibility for games from older generations. Microsoft has gone to great lengths to make its games available to as many people as possible, and even if there are still ways to increase the library of backward compatible Xbox games, it gets more complex.

More backwards compatible Xbox games, always more

Jason Ronald, Xbox Series X Parent | S, once again answered some questions about what is happening with Xbox teams, including backward compatibility with the game.

Today, all Xbox One games run normally on Xbox Series X | S, as with some Xbox 360 games, and even some that were released on the first Xbox. But to make more games backward compatible, we’ll have to work more according to Jason Ronald at a microphone Lordsofaming :

Once we understand that we can do it technically, the theme is how many games we can actually apply this technology to.

Because at the end of the day, our goal is to bring in as many games as possible and to improve as many games as possible. I think Auto HDR is a great example as the vast majority of the catalog can benefit from it.

What I will say is that we want to add more games to the program, but it is getting harder. First of all, can we technically play some of these games? But oftentimes, in some cases, those developers or publishers don’t exist anymore. Either there are licensing agreements, or the developer might have other plans to franchise, so that’s definitely a challenge.

Jason Ronald adds that he really wants to make more Xbox games backwards compatible, but it’s getting harder and harder for all the reasons mentioned.

I can’t stick to specific games or [confirmer si] We’ll be able to add more games in the future, but it’s definitely something we’re working on, we’re trying to do what we can, and obviously I’ll say we’re hearing the comments.

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