▷ POL-SU: Gangsters arrested after trying to steal from a store

12.01.2022 – 15:10

District Police Department Ryan Sage Kress

Sankt Augustin (OTS)

On Tuesday afternoon (January 11, 2022) around 3 pm, a group of three people attempted to steal a mobile phone.

An attentive store detective of an electronics store in Sankt Augustin in Rathausally noticed the three suspects via video surveillance. Two of the three men were on store shelves with cell phones. The third member of the group was a little further away. The men seemed to communicate by hand gestures and glances. Then one of the suspects took a cell phone from the shelf and removed the anti-theft device.

Then the shop investigator approached them and took them to an office. In the office, the perpetrators tried to secretly hide stolen property worth about 250 euros. This was recorded by video surveillance and the hiding place was quickly located.

Since it was not initially clear whether it was a mobile gang of offenders who did not live in Germany, they were temporarily arrested by police officers who were alerted in the meantime.

After the police stopped and there were no grounds for imprisonment, the three men were again released.

A preliminary investigation is underway against them on suspicion of serious gang robbery. (Re.)

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