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Although you can’t buy these futuristic products just yet, they give us some clues as to what to expect in the coming years. And do we wish, man, that we could buy it now.

Concept products never fail to amaze us. Pushing the boundaries of technology, their designs can be anything from quirky interpretations of the future to new interpretations of everyday things. They excite and inspire us, which is why we wish we could buy these futuristic gadgets now.

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Do you like AR? Enjoy a newer and more convenient application with Google Augmented Reality glasses. They translate spoken language directly into the lenses, which may facilitate international business and travel.

And when you’re feeling stressed, wouldn’t it be nice to have your home feel that way and adapt accordingly? Well, that’s exactly what Recipe Design’s Soove device is for. It scans your face for stress and communicates with your smart home devices.

Check out other futuristic concept gadgets we’d love to buy right now.

1. If Solelp . Interactive Yoga Mat It’s like having your very own yoga teacher at home with a smart mat, camera and interactive knob.

Solelp during a yoga session

Your yoga mat is stationary equipment. where is that? The Solelp . Interactive Yoga Mat It takes training to a whole new level with the LED display that shows the correct position of the hands and feet. Meanwhile, the handles allow you to stretch and monitor your posture.

Learn more about this tool at yanko design.

2. The Google Glasses AR Translate spoken language directly on the lenses, simplifying international business and travel.

Google Video Augmented Reality Glasses

Would you like to be able to communicate more easily with a company in another country? The Google Glasses AR can help. This concept tool from Google uses augmented reality to translate and transcribe languages ​​directly on its lens, easing the language barrier.

Learn more about these glasses at Official Website.

3. The DAB Motors CONCEPT-E . Electric Motorcycle It looks elegant and simple. Moreover, it is almost silent when working.

DAB Motors CONCEPT-E package

Spin silently through the streets with DAB Motors CONCEPT-E . Electric Motorcycle. This concept motorcycle starts with DAB’s conversion to electric models and is powered by a 10 kW motor and 51.8 volt lithium-ion battery. It’s one of our favorite futuristic concept tools because it promotes a brighter, cleaner, and calmer future.

Learn more about this tool at Official Website.

4. The holographic hologram display This concept elevates your NFT art, turning it into holograms viewable on your desktop.

Holocube on desk

There is nothing more futuristic than a hologram. and the Holographic display concept Turns your NFT into a 3D sphere displayed inside a glass cube. You can upload your own NFTs from your phone and show them at home or in the office.

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Learn more about this tool at Official Website.

5 Soove home monitor design recipe It can actually feel stress and then modify your home to promote relaxation.

10 futuristic concept gadgets we wish we could buy now
Soove design recipe on coffee table

with the Soove home monitor design recipeYour home can recognize your stress. Advanced face tracking checks for tired, dull eyes and fatigue lines. After reading, it can help to change your home setup by connecting to your smart home devices.

Learn more about this tool at Official Website.

6. The Razer Project Sophia Concept gaming desk It contains 13 modules, resulting in a custom configuration for the game.

10 futuristic concept gadgets we wish we could buy now
Razer project front view Sofia

Create the perfect setup for home gaming with Razer Project Sophia Concept gaming desk. It supports up to 13 separate units such as secondary displays, touch hotkeys, audio mixers, etc, which is why it is one of those futuristic concepts we want to have.

Learn more about this tool at Official Website.

7. Oscar Olsson TT-90 System . wall-mounted record player Takes your vinyl listening experience into the future.

Oscar Olsson TT 90 System . Wall Mounted DVD Player
Oscar Olsson TT-90 Wall Mount System

Have you rediscovered vinyl? So you probably know that these consoles take up a lot of space. and here where Oscar Olsson TT-90 System . wall-mounted record player It is wall-mounted, saving you valuable space on the table and sideboard. Even better, the companion app offers modern smart controls.

Learn more about this tool at Official Website.

8 SenseGlove Nova VR Help you feel digital objects, such as the weight of a 2kg brick in your hand.

10 futuristic concept gadgets we wish we could buy now
SenseGlove Nova VR in use

Virtual reality can be more realistic by using SenseGlove Nova VR. Gives you reaction force in your hand with 20 newtons of resistance in 10 milliseconds; Make things realistic. You can even lift and flip objects to check their shape.

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Get a pair for approx. $4,822 on the official website.

9. The Two-legged robot Caltech LEONARDO Walks, flies and even skateboards, redefining the future of robotic movement.

Caltech Leonardo Video

The Two-legged robot Caltech LEONARDO is impressive. He not only walks upright, but also flies. This new robot combines a two-legged propeller with 3 propeller joints each, and an unprecedented ability to walk that could serve as inspiration for future robots.

Learn more about this tool at Official Website.

10. In COMODO shoe rack It is a new shoe box that also disinfects and deodorizes your shoes.

COMODO 01 . Shoe Storage Device
Komodo in color options

Make cleaning your shoes something you don’t have to think about with COMODO shoe rack. The HEPA filter and scented filter keep your shoes fresh, while the UV lamp ensures that they are germ-free.

Learn more about this tool at designer dot.

With tools like these, the future of technology looks very daunting. Which of these futuristic gadgets would you like to own? Let’s know!

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