Did you watch Hidden Messages on PC in Season 4 Episode 6?

If you’ve been watching the fourth season of Stranger Things, rest assured, there will be no spoilers for this article! And if you’re done with that already, we’ll go back to the details you definitely didn’t notice in Episode 6: A secret message is hiding in a scene.

Since its recent release on Netflix, Stranger Things Season 4 has broken audience records: nearly 290 million watch hours were announced in 3 days by the platform, confirming the enthusiasm for Hawkins’ young heroes!

Perhaps you swallowed the series all at once, without taking the time to focus on the details? Let’s go back to the clip that intrigued us and that we investigated: the meeting with Susie.

The first secret clue: the number on the paper

Mike and Will hand Suzy a piece of paper with a number on it. It was enough to put a flea in our ears and see there a column stretched by the director of the series to play with the audience!

No. in Stranger Things

Suzy says

“If I write this number on the computer, it will give me a place and in this place is the Nina project”

In the process, the children insist:

The first to find the secret place will get an Américando.

Well we tried typing the GPS coordinates but nothing came out. On the other hand, by calling this number on the phone, we discovered something: if you try to call the number, you will see that it is already there! A strange sound is repeated several times (we invite you to test to try to listen to the hidden sound as well as Morse code). From there you can start the investigation to try to find the secret place hidden by the director, there is definitely something to discover for fans of the series.

The second surprise: the hidden message in the computer

Another surprise a little later in the series: Susie manages to gain access to her father’s computer to investigate this famous figure. Knowing that the plot takes place between 1983 and 1986, you can imagine that the Internet is an illusion, even in the United States. However, the little genius of the series Suzie (who’s also Dusty’s girlfriend) has managed to get online, talking to us about IPs and the digital revolution.

Someone says “What are all these lines? Another answers” It might be hidden in these codes somewhere! “It wasn’t necessary to say more to the thousands of fans of the series to start looking!

Hidden Text Stranger Things

We’ve decoded lines of code, and again a teaser note from the director since we saw HTML, CSS, and other lines of code much earlier than their time!

What can we discover in this secret code? easter egg

We clearly see the website address: yutani1980.nu but we also require pictures and clues in English to guide the search. Evidence for the fifth season of the series Stranger Things? A surprise to discover which one will explode in everyone’s eyes in the coming days?

Computer Secret Code Stranger Things Season 4

We also see a code that starts with 1984 and can look like a date because the series takes place between 1983 and 1986. The next 06 and 19 could correspond to June 19, but what does the next 50405 mean?

History of the strange thing icon

The investigation into this secret code, Stranger Things, continues

We were the first to uncover these first clues, it’s up to you to follow along! With a website address, various encrypted messages, the English call to “see a list or every screenshot of this URL” and the Morse code you hear when calling a phone number, you have plenty of items to investigate your class and discover the big secret that will be revealed through Easter eggs. From Stranger Things.

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