100 km / h: Lightning-fast e-scooter introduced

According to the S1-X manufacturer, there is a technology in e-scooters that is also used to build racing cars.

TheB Lime, class or bird – in Germany many manufacturers offer their e-scooters. Individuals usually have the option to rent an electric scooter via the app in order to get from A to B quickly. But compared to the newly introduced car, the eSkootr Championchip, E-scooter racing series founded in 2021, the top speed of 20 kilometers per hour (km / h) looks quite poor: it bears the name.S1-X“According to the manufacturer, it is the first race-ready e-scooter: thanks to two combined engines, it has a top speed of 100 km / h. So it is clear that those responsible for speed are not aiming for Germany’s approval on the road. In a YouTube video, a driver runs Boldly in a garage with S1-X.

ESkootr S1-X: Built like a racing car

According to the manufacturer, the combined technology enables strong performance: in addition to the 6 kW motors on both wheels, the S1-X has a carbon fiber body and special wheel suspension, making it similar to a racing car. But not only the maximum speed should convince, but also the maneuverability: cornering is possible at an angle of 50 degrees, which is shown in the YouTube video (see above).

eSkootr Championchip: The New Formula 1?

Formula 1 racing driver Alexander Wars co-founded eSkootr Championchip and is optimistic that the races will be very fast and packed with action. However, development is still in the beginning, so officials will not reveal more accurate details about the race’s coordination until later in 2021. But Wurz has revealed one detail: the lap must be between 400 and 1000 meters. So kids should be playing with S1-X.

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