11 game features that would be really useful in real life

Slow motion, fast save, and double jump – the world of video games is full of features that we would love to have in real life! (Photo: Rockstar Games / Getty Images – Deagreez; Sigit Mulyo Utomo)

Quicksaves, Bullet Time and Unlimited Huge Stock – These 11 video game features will really help us in everyday life!

Useful real life video game features

There are a lot of things that are easy for us to deal with in video games that are really challenging in real life. This is partly because there are some functions in games that we unfortunately have to do without in real life.

While some game characters, for example, can magically store a lot of items in their pockets, our smartphones, wallets and house keys suit them the most.

We thought about the exclusive features of the games that would be really useful in everyday life. A total of 11 things come to mind we’ve gathered for you:

Gamer’s dream: 11 video game features that we would like to have in real life
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Which video game feature would you like to use in real life? Discuss with us in the comments On our Facebook page. If your suggestion is complementary to us, it will be included in the list.

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