The Daily Deal Oculus Quest 1 & 2: Promotion Today is a Great Multipurpose Visual Novel (03/07/2021)

Almost every day there is a promotion onOculus Store Quest And if this doesn’t equal the discounts offered during previous big sales, a big savings still comes along.

The Promotion of the Day is a virtual reality adventure game with stunning graphics and a multi-story story that promises we keep working for hours and hours. Through multiple encounters and multiple conversations, each option alters the latter’s path. Altdeus: Beyond Cronus In French by being well placed and enjoyable to read texts.

  • Altdeus: Beyond Cronus (€ 31.99 39.99 euros -20%) (1.81 GB) (VOSTFR) (C) (4.1 / 5) – Peggy 12
    Dive into the future with Altdeus: Beyond Cronus-Science fiction adventure full of robot battles, pop music and passion. It features one of the largest branching scenarios created in a VR game with 15-20 hours of gameplay time, Altdeus It will put you in place renal, A pilot of the humanitarian forces fighting huge enemy creatures known as Meteora.

You can also take a walk around theApplications Lab Which offers standalone novelties and even some free trials.

If you haven’t yet taken this action, you can treat yourself with Oculus Quest 2 at Bolanger, The FnacAnd the My darty or Amazon For 349.99 euros.

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