12 years later, the disappearance of little Kyron in the United States remains a mystery

Twelve years after his disappearance, 7-year-old Kieron Horman is still nowhere to be found in the United States. To try to find out more about this issue, an image that was made on a computer has been edited.

On June 4, 2010, little Kyron Horman disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The 7-year-old was last seen alive in his elementary school in Oregon, USA. That morning, he had taken part in a science project at school, which his mother-in-law had attended. “I saw him go to his classroom, and the last thing he was seen was the back of his head, at the door,” she said in 2016.People “This is what I think of when I sit down and think about it, that is the last thing I think of.”

In the afternoon, he was supposed to come home, like every day, by the school bus. But this never happened. His mother-in-law called the school, telling him that he was gone. The investigation focused its attention on Terry Horman for some time, but she was not officially considered a suspect. To try to find out more about this mysterious case, a photo made on a computer has just been revealed to the public. It was made by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which explains on Facebook: “NCMEC forensic artists have released a new photo of what Kyron Horman would look like today at age 19. He was only 7 years old when he disappeared 12 years ago from Portland, Oregon at 4 June 2010. The police hope this new photo will bring him home.

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Desiree Young, the boy’s mother, said last week that she would never stop searching for her son, and asked that a special team be dedicated to the cause. “I want them to make Kyron their priority again,” she claimed with Fox 26 . In a statement, Al-Sharif said the investigation is still ongoing, saying he receives between one and 20 different leads per month.

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