In a few hours there will be the premiere and ‘Strawberry’ of 2022; All details of the event can be found at »

Superluna: The premiere of 2022 will be ‘strawberry’ in a few more hours; All details of the event

June 14; Super moon!A spectacular event will return in a few hours For those who love the night sky, know Italy too; Super Moon.
Enter this date: Tuesday, June 14th.

The Super Moon occurs when our satellite is present Full moon phase (Full moon) And at the same time the closest point to Earth (Periji). In this case we can observe that the Moon is slightly larger than normal (8-10% higher) so its brightness is higher (13-5% higher). Compared to what we see today. “GiantThe moon will fill at 1:52 pm on June 14, to be exact, the next day, June 15, at 1:23 am in Perigee, Italy, 357,658 km from us. Definitely not affected, but tonight it will look bigger, much brighter and “almost complete”.

Now A little curious; Let’s go and find outThe origin of time “Super Moon” e Because this month it will have a specific name called “Strawberry”.

Term Super Moon Developed by an astrologer in 1979 (Richard Knoll) And for this reason it is not well considered by the scientific community. Astronomers like to refer to an event with a less understandable pair of words “perigee-syzygy”. The first term refers to the period when the Moon is closest to the Earth, instead the term “CGC” is used to refer to the alignment of three celestial bodies belonging to the same gravitational system.

And why “Strawberry“? Of course we do not see a strawberry shaped moon, a very low red moon. Who gave this name? Algonquians, A tribe of Native Americans, the strawberry harvest takes place at this time of year. However, on the old continent, this moon was also called the “Rose Moon” because these flowers would give off their unusual aroma during the flowering weeks.

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