1,341 km by bicycle to support the fight against breast cancer

Eight Toulouse Mobile Gendarmerie will travel 1,341 kilometers by bike. From Cap d’Agde (Hérault) to Cap Blanc Nez (Pas-de-Calais), the peloton will connect the flock south to the north of the country in support of the fight against breast cancer.

Eight gendarmes from the Intervention Platoon of the Mobile Carabinieri Squadron 6/31 Toulouse will cross France. In favor of two associations, Live as before And SOS Cancer du Breast, cyclists will connect Cap d’Agde in Hérault to Cap-Blanc Nise in Pas-de-Calais.

Five to six hours of cycling a day

For 10 days, from 17 to 27 May 2021, the eight comrades of the bike group of the squadron will travel 1,341 kilometers. With cycling five to six hours a day, the seven cyclists will be accompanied by logistical support that will follow by car.

Clement Sherrigoy, the gendarme of the Toulouse Mobile Squadron, is one of eight cyclists. “We will start from Cap d’Agde (Hérault) on May 17th, to connect Cap Banc Nez (Pas-de-Calais) in ten stages. We have put together an accurate route brochure and it will be just over 100 kilometers per day.”.

It crossed 14 sections

“The property is still under preparation but we will stay either in the camp sites or in the lodge so we can accommodate everyone together”As Clement Sherrigoy says.

In total, the peloton will stop in 7 divisions and cross 14.

  • First Stage: Cap d’Agde (34) – Millau Bridge (12)
  • The second stage: Milo Bridge (12) – La Gaulle (12)
  • Third Stage: Laguiole (12) – Saint Nectaire (63)
  • Fourth stage: Saint Nectaire (63) – Vichy (03)
  • Fifth Stage: Vichy (03) vs Shomard (58)
  • Sixth stage: Chumard (58) vs Chatillon Sur Seine (21)
  • Seventh Stage: Chatillon sur Seine (21) – Epernay (51)
  • Eighth Stage: Ebernay (51) vs Val Joly (59)
  • Ninth stage: Val Joly (59) – Lille (59)
  • 10th Stage: Lille (59) – Cap-Blanc Nise (59).

In some cities, we will try to inform people. We have contacted the gendarmerie companies in the departments we will be going through so that they can follow us.

Clement Sherrigoy

Create an online fundraising campaign

The team is very diverse, and the gendarmerie confirms, “There are a lot of bike fans and others to discover. We go on bike tours with the cycling clubs on the weekends. We are in good physical shape and train regularly to prepare well for this climb. From the country.”

From head to toe, Named after their project, and with good reason in favor of fighting cancer, the gendarmes set up an online fund to fully pay the collections to the two associations.

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“We are often asked why we do not choose a more masculine cause, but these are associations that are very prevalent in France. They affect more people, in our family but also around us. That was important to us.”Clement Sherryjoy reveals.

The Vivre comme avant association provides women with breast cancer treatment and individual support and support from volunteers who have also had the disease.

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