Battlefield 6: Day 1 Xbox Game Pass, excluding Xbox Series X | S and PS5 and computers? | Xbox One

Talk continues about DICE’s next big project. In fact, while we haven’t seen anything from the game yet, Battlefield VI It comes back regularly in the entrance noise that we hear recently. If we know that the game is currently under development and it is The release was confirmed at the end of 2021, Today’s rumor would like to be exclusive to new generation controllers.

Battlefield 6 will not be released on Xbox One and PS4

According to generally informed Tom Henderson, the game may not be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The man has already indicated on Twitter that he has yet to hear about Battlefield 6’s arrival on consoles the previous generation. This comes right after another rumor that has been circulating on the network for a few weeks that the game could be released directly into the Xbox Game Pass.

Are you nearing a one-day outing at the Xbox Game Pass?

If these rumors clearly have to be taken into account, seeing Battlefiled 6 directly arriving on Xbox Game Pass becomes less weird and less bizarre. Microsoft and Electronic Arts are already partners since EA Play was included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The recent success of Outriders’ first day in service could certainly give insights to Redmond and its aggressive strategy in regards to the Xbox Game Pass.

These rumors are also based on Tom Henderson conjuring up the fact that the game may not be released on Xbox One and PS4. Additionally, this past May, Electronic Arts indicated a “target for innovations made possible by next-generation consoles” for their upcoming Battlefield. Let’s also remember DICE wanted thatIncrease the capacity of its servers As well as rumors about a Widespread destruction And we have every reason to believe Battlefield 6 will be released exclusively on Xbox Series X | S, PS5 and PC.

Regardless, we can’t wait to see the first screenshots of the game and especially to see if it will actually arrive on Xbox Game Pass on its release day.

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