140GB 5G mobile plan at €8.99 per month with €1 SIM

The new no-commitment 5G plan is becoming more attractive

NRJ Mobile offers now An exceptional 5G package at only €8.99 per month With 1 euro SIM card. This package includes:

  • 140 GB of internet per month (reduced speed thereafter)
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, from the EU and French overseas territories
  • 17GB of internet in EU and DOM

This plan is ideal for those who want to upgrade to 5G without spending a lot of money, as it offers a generous 140GB of capacity each month for full-speed browsing. To take full advantage of it, a 5G smartphone and 5G coverage are required. However, even without 5G, the offer remains very competitive in 4G.

For the more data-hungry, NRJ Mobile also offers a fantastic 5G package with a massive 200GB web envelope at just €11.99 per month, but without commitment and with a SIM card for €1.

Two inexpensive mobile offers ideal for young consumers

NRJ Mobile does not forget about small budgets and launches two new plans at very low prices:

  • 2GB Unlimited Plan for €2: Ideal for small budgets, this plan includes 2GB in France, EU and overseas territories, plus unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.
  • 20GB Unlimited Plan at €4.99: Catering to the average French consumer who uses 15.6GB per month, this plan offers 20GB in France and 8GB in the EU and DOM, with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

These inexpensive subscriptions are ideal for small budgets while offering comprehensive and competitive services.

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Full MVNO operator NRJ Mobile, which belongs to Bouygues Telecom Business Distribution Groupand use Network of parent company Bouygues TelecomShe confirms her interest in the offer Attractive packages adapted to all needs and budgets.

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