Do you know the American Alfa Romeo Donale? Here it is, practically a copy (photo).

The Alfa Romeo Tonale has been an exceptional success for the Alfa Romeo brand and now we are going to discover its Stars and Stripes version.

Home Reboot Program Alfa RomeoStrongly wanted by Sergio Marchionne Almost a decade ago, it started with the Stelvio SUV and the Giulia sedan. Thanks to the C-SUV achieved stellar results Donal, was released two years ago, and also marks Picion's first hybrid car. From the first months, it was immediately understood that this car could succeed in terms of sales, and indeed it did.

Alfa Romeo Donale on display (Alfa Romeo) –

By 2023, Alfa Romeo has increased its sales by 30% over last year, and much of the credit goes to the Donnell, in which a second version is also expected, although it will only arrive in 2030. At this stage, Better to talk to you about the stars and stripes version of TonaleIt is truly an absolute gem in terms of power.

Let's find the Donnell from Alfa Romeo, Dodge

of the group Stellandis The beauty of 14 brands is part of it, among them, obviously, TheAlfa RomeoBut also some brands from America. One of them was Dodge, which produced an American version of the Donnell, namely the Hornet. The manufacturers from the same group share platforms and technologies, and even the design of this car is clearly reminiscent of Ares' C-SUV.

In the past, during the group FCAIt is often the case that Italian models are adapted to those from abroad, but in this case, the opposite happened. The Dodge Hornet uses the underpinnings of the Alfa Romeo DonnellIt will not be sold in Italy, and will be available in the GT version you see in this shot, uploaded on the page Facebook Off Walter Wire, in a more powerful version. In fact, it's powered by an engine not available on the Tonale, namely a 272 horsepower 2.0 turbo petrol engine, 9-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

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The GT version, as is easily understood from the name itself, has the highest performance of all, with a maximum torque of 400 Nm. The 2.0 four-cylinder turbo is truly a marvel, And this SUV can reach 100 km/h in just 6 and a half seconds.. It's definitely a car that could record better sales figures in the US, and it's a shame to know we won't see it here.

Veronica Tucker

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