19 new things you can do with iOS 15

iOS 15 is now officially available for download as an iPhone update. Once installed, there will be a number of new features for you to try out, some of which can fundamentally change the way you use your iPhone.

to focus

One of the biggest new features in iOS is called Focus and it can be found in the main Settings menu. It’s like “Do Not Disturb”, but with more scenarios, such as home, work or vacation, with the ability to set custom notification rules for each. There is also an option to let others know that you have turned off notifications when they try to send you a message.

shared with you

In many iOS apps, including Photos, Safari, Apple News, Apple Music, Apple Podcast, and Apple TV, you’ll see a new section titled “Shared with You.” It’s a simple reference point for all the things your different contacts have shared with you in messages.

Schedule notification summaries

Scheduled summary is that function that helps us bypass when we get a lot of notifications during the day and we miss something. It’s located in Settings -> Notifications. Here you will be able to choose which apps to limit notifications to and Schedule or group incoming alerts for later.

Portrait mode on FaceTime

The same portrait mode that blurs the background behind people can now be applied when taking a picture during FaceTime calls. During a call, tap your video thumbnail to see a larger version, then tap the portrait mode icon that appears in the upper left corner. Background blur should be applied immediately.

health data exchange

While we instinctively believe that health information is completely private and personal, there are times when it is a good idea to share it, such as with elderly partners or parents. Apple Health app in iOS 15 Allows you to choose the data you want to share (from heart health to general activity to medical identity) and with any contacts.

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traffic stability

Also new in the Health app in iOS 15 is Walking Steadiness. This feature measures how stable your gait is, as the name suggests, so you can predict fairly accurately How likely are you to stumble over the next year or so. You can even get a warning in the form of a notification if your persistence begins to decline over time.

iCloud Private Relay

If you pay for iCloud storage, you automatically get some new iCloud+ features with iOS 15, including iCloud Private Relay. This is amazing A type of VPN that redirects and encrypts your internet connection for more privacy and security. You can find it in Settings by tapping on your name at the top, then iCloud, then Private Relay.

Class notices

New in the Where’s app in iOS 15 is Separation Alerts – alerts that sound when your iPhone is away from another device (such as a MacBook, Apple Watch, or AirTag). Select an item in the Find Me app, then look for the “Notify when Away” option that will appear on compatible devices.

Use the camera to read the text

iOS 15 introduces a new feature called live text, which appear in the Camera and Photos apps. Occupation You can scan any image for text, which you can search or copy. In the camera preview, tap the Live Text button (bottom right) that appears when text is in the frame and in photos, tap to select the text as you would anywhere else on iOS. Live Text works with both handwritten text and supports multiple languages.

More details about maps

When you zoom in on some of the big cities on Apple Maps, you’ll see some beautifully rendered 3D landmarks, like the Golden Gate Bridge for example. San Francisco is a good choice if you’re interested in seeing what these enhanced details might look like. Los Angeles, New York, and London are also among the major urban centers available for this job.

walking directions

Apple has blatantly snatched immersive and augmented reality mode from Google Maps. If you are in a city that supports this function, upload a walking route, pick up the phone and confirm, in the message that will arrive, your intent to scan your surroundings for more comprehensive navigation instructions.

safari accessories

When thinking of browser extensions, Google Chrome usually comes to mind. But Safari also supports these shortcuts. Add-ons are now also coming to iPhones. In Settings, tap Safari, tap Extensions to see what’s already installed and what extensions are currently enabled, and then select More Extensions to find some new plug-ins to add to the list.

Group cards in Safari

Also new in Safari on iOS 15 is the ability to group browser tabs for easier sorting. Press the tab button in the toolbar (the two rectangles, bottom right), select the tabs dropdown menu that appears at the bottom of the screen and you can create a new tab group. Any webpages you open will be added to that group until you start a new page.

Refresh a page on Safari

A smaller but useful feature of Safari is the so-called “pull to refresh”, which allows you to click and swipe down from the top of the screen to refresh a website. It is easier to use than page reload, although many may not find it right away.

Enhanced photo memories

Memories in Photos gets a number of improvements: Auto-generated slideshows now include recommended song suggestions from Apple Music, have a new visual look, are more interactive than before, and come with more templates to choose from. Additionally, there are new categories of Memories available in iOS 15.

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Greater control over app privacy

Open the Settings app in iOS 15, choose Privacy and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will see a new option for Log App Activity. Once enabled, this feature keeps a continuous history of 7 days of which apps are using location, photos, contacts, camera, microphone and when permissions. Any malfunctioning app should be featured in the list.

New Memoji

An iOS update usually means more Memoji features to play with, and that’s the case again with iOS 15. Apple has packed several new stickers (like the one showing an unlocked MacBook) to try, focusing on accessibility and functionality. Not to be missed.

Driver’s license on Apple Wallet

Only eight states in the US currently allow you to store your driver’s license digitally on your phone. The process is the same for adding a credit card or airline ticket to Apple Wallet.

Movie su FaceTime

One iOS 15 feature that you’ll be happy to try, but not available at launch, is SharePlay. The new FaceTime tool lets you listen to music, watch TV or movies in apps like Apple TV + or Apple Music with your loved ones during a video call. Apple says the feature will arrive in iOS 15 in a future software update, later this fall. Tests in early developer betas of iOS 15 confirmed that it’s going to be a really fun way to share content, so we hope it doesn’t take long to implement.

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