Here is the PC Integrity Checker tool

There are still two weeks to the introduction Windows 11, Is planned October 5. Therefore, Microsoft has released an updated version of the PC Health Check tool (PC integrity test) Allows users to verify that the system meets the minimum hardware requirements. I will be notified tomorrow New surface With Windows 11.

Check the requirements for Windows 11

At the end of August, there is Microsoft Press Release The operating system can also be installed on computers with certain processors 7th generation Intel Core, But not for those with an AMD Raison CPU based on the Gen1 architecture. In that case, the new version PC health test For members of the Windows Insider program. Now the tool is available to everyone below Link.

The software allows you to verify that a system with Windows 10 meets the minimum hardware requirements, so will it receive an upgrade to Windows 11? Windows Update. Compared to the previous version that showed general news, the reasons for any incompatibility are now clearly stated.

In the example screenshot, you see three unfulfilled requirements: processor, secure boot and TPM 2.0. There are exclamation marks next to the last two because there may be features, but they are not enabled in BIOS / UEFI. By clicking “See all resultsYou can also read the requirements, including the amount of RAM and disk space.

However, users can install Windows 11 on older PCsISO image And media generating tool. However, in this case, Microsoft’s support is not guaranteed and security links may not be available.

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