2 unique exhibitions in augmented reality!

Leon: Two unique exhibitions in augmented reality!

Don't miss the new exhibitions “L'horizon de Khéops” and “Disappeared Worlds” in augmented reality in Lyon!

Immerse yourself in a worldeclipsewhere every virtual reality expedition becomes a… unforgettable experience. With Eclipso, Experience much more than just a virtual adventure ; Discover a portal to unknown worlds. You are invited to explore the unknown and turn every session into an unforgettable adventure.

Khufu's horizon

An immersive journey through space and time

Embark on an immersive voyage of discovery pyramid to Khufu ! Free yourself from the classic visit and discover places closed to the public. In the company of your loved ones, travel 4,500 years ago and attend the funeral of King Khufu. Dive into the heartAncient Egypt With a foray full of emotions.

Immersion in virtual reality in the service of history

Your tour begins at dawn, on Gezi CemeteryH, the famous Egyptian site that includes all three Great pyramids. In the shadows of the mastabas, the tombs of the loved ones of deceased kings, hidden secrets are discovered. A virtual guide and other real travelers accompany you through these ancient lands. He stepped on eternal sand Giza plateaumet him sphinxand end your VIP visit at the foot Pyramid of Khufu When darkness falls.

Egyptology and scientific experience

Immersive mission Khufu's horizon It has been meticulously designed using years of research and data collected on site. In partnership with Peter Der Manuelian, Professor of Egyptology at the Giza Project at Harvard UniversityThe information provided is based on architectural, scientific and historical data. Explore Egyptian history with unparalleled precision and complete immersion.

Worlds disappeared

An immersive journey to discover the history of living organisms

with Worlds disappearedEmbark on an extraordinary immersive journey of discovery and relive key stages in the evolution of the planet and life since its origins. Equipped with a virtual reality headset, start your adventure several billion years ago! Travel back in time to admire the landscapes of the past and encounter amazing animals such as giant centipedes, marine reptiles and dinosaurs.

Fun and educational experience

For 45 minutes, marvel at the beauty and richness of life. From the ocean floor to the tropical forests, explore Ancient landscape Subordinate Major geological periods And discovering the first traces of life Arch (-3.5 billion years), the emergence of animal life in Cambrian (- 520 million years ago), large dinosaurs Cretaceous period (67 million years ago), and the emergence of the human lineage (100,000 to -60,000 years ago). Accompanied by virtual guide Charlie and his robot Darwin, get up close and personal with the different species that inhabited the Earth. Who would dare to venture near a dinosaur?

Scientific story

Worlds disappeared It is the result of a collaboration between Excurio and the National Museum of Natural History. PaleontologistsPaleobotanists, evolutionists, and bioacoustic scientists contributed to the project, from script writing to 3D production and graphic and audio universe creation. This is amazing An immersive journeyboth dreamy and sensitive—sometimes humorous—at the heart of life, offering scientifically validated information.

Don't miss this one Two new exhibitions in Lyon And let yourself be transported Wonders of history And from here science Thanks to the eclipse. A unique immersive experience awaits you!

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