Froggy Bouncing Adventures is coming to Switch on June 14

A simple, simple little game for €4.99, here's Ratalaika Games' proposal for June 14, 2024.

Froggy Bouncing Adventures is a mini platform game featuring the famous frog, known to long-time players. The graphics have certainly changed a lot since then, and so has the gameplay.

When Froggy's friend Buzzy disappears through a mysterious portal, it's up to our amphibious hero to save his friend. Prepare yourself for 60 levels of precise jumping of increasing difficulty, accompanied by a warm aesthetic, colorful pixels and relaxing music. Can you beat each level and rescue Buzzy? Will you be able to get many hats during the adventure?


* 60 levels distributed over 4 different biomes.

* Collect coins and unlock up to 20 hats for Froggy.

* Two levels of difficulty. Easy mode saves points.

* A mix of 2D and 3D pixel art.

*2D puzzle platform game. Increase difficulty

The Adventures of the Bouncing Frog – Trailer

For fishing on the online store at the weekend then!

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