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New technologies will make our lives easier on many levels. Soon, the fact of not speaking a foreign language will no longer be a hindrance to travel for dolls in English, Italian or Javanese. In fact, high-tech devices will make it possible to overcome this invisible barrier.

The first of these tools: glasses with a microphone and translation software. Example in a restaurant: A waiter arrives and offers you the menu in his language. The French translation will then immediately appear on your eyeglass lenses. Once you make your choice, you answer to the server in French, of course. No problem: your request will be translated into their language on their glasses. The system works in all languages. There is only one limit: of course, everyone should be equipped with such glasses.

Another language puppet tool: an earpiece connected to a translation app via a smartphone. Example: You are visiting the Colosseum in Rome but have not found an English speaking guide. So she joins an Italian group. no problem. Your headset translates to you instantly, resumes its voice, and guides explanations.

Do you have a question for him? No problem either. Your question comes to him, translated into Dante’s language, in his ears, with your voice again. How ? Thanks to the program, also connected to your smartphone and headphone, which can translate anyone’s voice into any language.

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