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With the resurgence of cyber-attacks during the health crisis, exacerbated by the use of remote work, there are unfortunately still many reasons to install antivirus software on your computer: ransomware that encrypts your data, fraudulent websites that have been flagged as your bank. or your government. And spyware that uses your webcam threatens your security and privacy. In addition to simple protection from viruses and spyware, antivirus software allows you to browse quietly on legitimate websites, and can also help you preserve your data and private life on the web thanks to blockers or VPNs that help you establish an encrypted connection. And how can you take advantage of all this for free? This is possible with Avira Free Security!

Discover the free Avira Free Security offer

Avira Free Security: Antivirus, but not only!

To protect your privacy, antivirus software and a VPN are essential today. A VPN allows you to protect your identity and thus prevent anyone from spying on you. And it’s getting more and more popular lately! Antivirus software will allow you to block potential viruses on your computer, and more specifically to protect yourself from ransomware or malware that is becoming very popular at the moment.Therefore, there is a program to counter all this, and Avira is part of a reliable and protected software. Avira Free Security in particular makes it possible to take advantage of the services of a free antivirus that has been awarded many times by independent laboratories. Avira Free Security protects you from viruses, spyware, and other malware. It also provides protection against ransomware and malicious websites, and detects social media and email scams. In addition to this protection, you can take advantage of a free VPN with 500MB of encrypted traffic offered per month. A VPN allows you to hide your identity and geographical location. System optimization tools, cleaning traces, and updating your software complete an offering that you can discover for free on your PC. Install Avira Free Security and secure your PC!

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Discover the free Avira Free Security offer

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