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In recent months, the health crisis has changed our daily habits and many people have taken the initiative to exercise at home to stay in shape. This is the reason for selling Fitness tools Experienced a massive increase. Ubijic Bringing you a list of the best accessories for exercising at home.

Also, don’t forget to read our article as we offer 3 free apps for exercising at home.

Fitbit Versa

To exercise at home, the Fitbit Versa They are among the best fitness tools you can have in your home. It is much more than a simple pedometer, as it is equipped with a heart rate monitor that allows you to track your efforts during a sports activity, a smartwatch with notifications, reminders, apps, etc …

Withings Scale

To put it simply, the Withings Scale It is a standard used for communication Wi-Fi To synchronize a person’s weight and their fat percentage. To do this, just step on the scale and you’re done. The latter automatically stores and synchronizes data. This fitness tool is without a doubt the most effective way to track the evolution of our weight, especially as it gives us graphs that can be viewed on the website or the app.

If you want Become a sports coachKnow that this scale is among the accessories we can offer or recommend to customers with eyes closed. It will be very helpful for them.

Sensoria smart clothes

trade mark Sensoria It offers us smart clothes that are very useful for sports activities at home. It offers us smart socks that monitor our steps and assess our rhythm, and it is a sports bra and smart sleeveless shirt and equipped with a heart rate monitor. No need to wear a bracelet!

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All information recorded by the smart clothing is sent to the application SensoriaThis allows everyone to follow their activities and performance.

Sure, using fitness tools can help you stay in shape, but nothing can replace Home gym trainer. A professional will be able to accompany you and give you the most valuable advice to build muscle effectively, lose weight quickly, have your dream body, etc.

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