Fortnight Season 6, a new game mechanic is coming: incredible users

With the immediate arrival of Season 6, Fortnight will introduce a completely innovative new game mechanic

Fortnight disrupts everything with the new game dynamics Chapter 6 (YouTube)

Royal is the number one war king in the world Fortnight. The title of the epic game records impressive numbers every day, millions of users are connected and ready for battle To win real success. It’s been more than 3 years since the video game was released, but it’s still there.

The basic element that allows the Fortnight wave to be on the ridge is of course Many updates They are published from time to time. Not long ago, the epic game was expected to release Chapter 2 of Season 6. Of the many improvements, one needs to be introduced Game Dynamics Completely innovative and it will revolutionize the game.

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Fortnight, Season 6’s new game dynamics

All users Fortnight They are ready to welcome a complete innovation with the arrival of Season 6. According to Dataminer Mang0e, in fact, a new one Vehicle related game mechanics. It may have two different uses, both of which are very interesting. The first player deals with non-characters, bots, bosses and more. These can Check vehicles in the future.

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The second possibility is that a real one will come instead Boss in the form of a vehicle, Like Rustin’s helicopter. This time it is only speculations, nothing has been officialized yet by the epic games. Data Miner Mang0e, however, found a reference to the vehicle’s AI in the game code. See you in the next few weeks Keeping in mind the Fortnight developers.

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