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Clash of Clans: Three new features in development

Finnish development studio Supercell announces the arrival of three new Clash productions. After the success of titles like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, these titles should basically take place in the Clash world. It is a YouTube video posted on April 2, 2021 that unveils new titles in which we can discover some pictures of the new games.

► Clash Quest

Clash Quest is a new adventure, travel and strategy game. The player will be able to create dynamic combos with his forces in order to defeat formidable enemies and bosses. He will have to build his own army with familiar characters from the universe. These will be unlockable as the game progresses. The adventure will be pursued on new islands in the Clash universe.

Clash mini

In Clash Mini, a strategy game developed by Supercell Shanghai, players are invited to place their favorite Clash characters to watch as they come to life and fight. Battles will be automated and the only player decision will be characters from the Clash universe who will compete against each other. You want it to be strategic and accessible.

Clash heroes

Clash Heroes, also developed by Supercell Shanghai, will allow the player to explore the world of Clash in a completely new way. Players will be able to take their favorite characters on a journey to uncharted lands, and have them complete epic missions to develop into legendary heroes.

This action-adventure game will allow real-time combat. Thanks to Unreal Engine, the game modes will be very diverse with the possibility of single-player, but also cooperative play. So Clash Heroes appears to be the most ambitious title out of the three that has been announced. The latter provides a much more personal experience than the Clash Mini or Clash Quest.

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Finally, if you are looking forward to these new Clash games, know that you can be notified of their availability. You just need to sign up for Official Clash Site By leaving your email address. This way, you’ll get a message when it’s available for download. The developers, despite their enthusiasm, specify that it is not guaranteed that these new titles will see the light of day.

« We can’t wait to share the new Clash games with you, but they are currently in development and we are working hard to make them great. As with all of our games in development, it is entirely possible to abandon them if they do not reach the quality level we have set for our community and company.. »

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