234 computers were distributed to families in La Courneuve

The distribution took place on Friday, April 2, 2021, in the wedding hall of La Courneuve Town Hall (Seine Saint-Denis). Throughout the day, parents walked in to retrieve a laptop donated by the municipality.

Computer loaned through April 26th

It is actually a loan. The equipment will be reinstated once the schools reopen scheduled for April 26th for kindergarten and primary. Computers are only delivered to CM1 and CM2 students who particularly experienced the digital divide during their first reservationEither because of a poor internet connection or not having enough computers at home, if any. A list of priority families has been drawn up regarding national education, and teachers have raised the most urgent cases, explains Melanie Dafoe, Help Education.

Malika, a mother of three, came to pick up a computer because one of her three devices in the house had broken. She wants each of her children to have their own materialto. “At least they will all be able to work quietly and without pressure.”She explained. “This distribution is a very good initiative.”Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

Home school anxiety

Vignette, who is also a mother of three, does not hide her struggles with the idea of ​​going back to school at home. Last spring was a difficult and stressful time His three daughters, a high school student and two elementary school students, who all share the same room and had to do without a computer. “I helped them the best I could but it wasn’t enough … I went to school to collect all the paperwork, all the homework that needed to be done. With the school at home, it would be more complicated for me.”

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Digital tablets from the beginning of September

Specifically, with this loan of computers, Gille Poux’s Town Hall (PCF) wants to make life easier for children and parents. For these 234 computers, I spent 153,000 euros. The city also intends to equip all CE2 CM1 and CM2 students from the start of the school year in September with digital tablets.. A € 1.8 million operation.

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