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When someone blocks you cable, it will not send you a notification or tell you that you have been blocked. It can make it confusing whether you are being blocked or just ignored. But there are some clues that you can watch to make sure if you have been banned or not. In this article, we are going to show you 4 signs to check if someone has blocked you on Telegram.

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Signs to check if you are blocked on Telegram

1. Undelivered messages

When the first sign that someone has blocked you is that your messages will not be delivered to them. You can try sending a message and wait at least a few hours. If only one checkmark appears instead of two checkmarks, which means the message has been delivered, it may mean that the contact has blocked you.

But it could also mean that they currently don’t have access to an internet connection. So we also recommend that you take a look at the other tags.

2. Replace profile picture with initials

remove profile picture

Another sign to check if you have been blocked on Telegram is to check a user’s profile picture. If their picture out of nowhere is replaced by their initials which is the first letter of their first and last name, it may indicate that they have blocked you. Unlike Whatsapp, you will still be able to see their bio.

But there are also chances that they deleted the profile picture or did not add you to their contacts.

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3. “Online” status is no longer visible

Last seen a long time ago

By default, you can check if a person is active or “online” on Telegram by their status. But if someone blocks you, then you will not be able to see their activity and when they are online on Telegram. Only the “Last seen a long time ago” message will appear under the status even if it is active on Telegram.

4. Unable to connect audio or video calls

Try to contact the person concerned with audio or video. If the call does not connect and you get the message “Connection failed due to privacy settings”, this is a sign that you may be blocked. If you are blocked, they will not be able to receive or see that you tried to contact them.

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If you only see one or two ticks above, it’s possible that you are not blocked and the person can’t access Telegram at the moment. However, if you see all the signs that we have mentioned above, then it is possible that you have been banned on Telegram. Let us know if this article was helpful to you.

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