Uncle Scrooge deposit tool connected to “Mickey Mouse”

Starting from Wednesday, March 10, with the number 3407 from little mouse For issues to be published in the next three weeks, Uncle Scrooge’s Deposit will be attached to the journal. Reconstruction that includes a “fan-shaped” opening mechanism, accessories, furniture, and statues of Uncle Scrooge and Batista. The work was completed by the Uncle Curmudgeon limousine and the statues of the Pasuti Ensemble, which will be attached respectively to Uncle of Dahab 33 H. Donald Duck 490.

With little mouse 3407 The story also begins in three episodes Scrooge Uncle, Batista and Depository Secrets (Written by Alessandro Sisti and illustrated by Giuseppe Facciotto), in which the secrets of the deposit will be listed.

“While I was writing Scrooge Uncle, Batista and Depository Secrets – Alessandro Sesti said in a press release – I drew maps and floor plans for the huge wardrobe in Zione, to guide myself and better understand how our heroes could move, and when director Alex Bertani saw them, he asked me if I felt like you were making a smaller version of it (the real deposit is awesome) To turn it into a tool. absolutely yes.”

“After nearly a year of study and preparation, a little mouse The new edition of Uncle Scrooge’s Deposit – said Alex Bertani, magazine editor – a rebuild with never-before-seen features and a wealth of details to make an impression. The Warehouse will simultaneously be a game that children can have fun with (fully accessible in all of its rooms and with 3D characters) but also a strict and precise modeling show. “

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