4 tools to simplify your life in the kitchen

Stone can make kitchen tasks easier. (photo courtesy)

Do you love to cook delicious meals but your age sometimes plays tricks on you and your strength and mobility suffer a little? Here are four tools that will keep you cooking for a long time!

  1. Amputation: Use this tool to remove the pit from cherries, olives, or other small pit foods. The process requires little processing, and it is easy and much faster than the traditional method.
  1. Electric can opener: put the can in the right place, then activate the device to open the can perfectly in seconds.
  1. Jar Opener: Designed primarily from silicone, it allows you to unscrew all jars of delicious jam or sauce with minimal effort.
  1. Egg Cutter: This tool can allow you to crack an egg without dropping pieces of the shell into your recipes—and even, depending on the model, to easily separate the yolk from the white!

Visit kitchen supply stores to find other accessories that will simplify the process of preparing your favorite recipes!

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