5 New Chrome Features to Simplify Mobile Search

Searching on mobile should be as smooth and intuitive as it is on a computer. To improve user experience, Announces five new features Chrome on Android and iOS is designed to make searching from your phone or tablet easier.

More Chrome actions for local places

To save you time interacting with local places, Google is introducing new Chrome actions. When you search for a restaurant, for example, shortcut buttons appear in your search results, letting you call, get directions, or read reviews with just a tap. The feature is available now on Chrome for Android and coming to iOS later this fall.

Redesigned address bar on tablets

The Chrome address bar on iPad and Android tablets has been updated to take better advantage of their larger displays and align its design with the Material Design language. Now, when using the address bar, the website remains visible below the drop-down menu, allowing you to easily return to your navigation.

Suggestions for new shortcuts

The new shortcut suggestions feature in Chrome for Android and iOS personalizes your address bar based on your search habits. For example, if you often type “schedule” to check metro timetables, City Metro will now appear higher in your search suggestions. This allows for faster and easier navigation.

Popular Searches on iOS

To inspire your searches, popular search suggestions will now appear in the Chrome address bar on iOS, a feature already available on Android. These trends will be visible under your recent searches when you click on the address bar on the New Tab page.

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New Sports Cards in Discover Feed

Live sports cards are now available in the Discover feed in Chrome on the New Tab page for iOS and Android. When your favorite team is playing, you’ll receive automatic updates on how the game is going, provided you follow the team or have expressed interest. You can customize this feed in the Chrome mobile app via the three-dot menu.

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