5 online encounters with art and culture

Posted on January 8, 2021 at 6:08 am

“Aqua Alta” in Chaillot

Hypothetical immersion

Live entertainment will not wait for the broadcast to take advantage of new technologies. An example of the song “Acqua Alta” by Adrian M and Claire B, poetry choreography alongside virtual reality experiences, depicting a couple facing high water. It was recorded on Chaillot in December, and it will air on Arte on Friday. Also visit the #ChaillotChez VOUS page where the most impatient online catalog (Ohad Naharin and Trisha Brown records) awaits. www.theatre-chaillot.fr

ASMR at the Palace of Versailles

Old stones and whisper

You don’t yet know ASMR, this sensory stimulus that’s becoming a web phenomenon? The Palace of Versailles invites us, as a virtual walk to the Sun King, to an initiative of one of the French masters, the youtubeur Florian Boullot. In front of the screen, let yourself drift away from that whispering sound that, in a continuous series, tells the history of the place. Welcome to the world of the senses … without contact. YouTube channel “Paris ASMR”.

Masters class Dorothy Gilbert

Ballet at home

Star dancer Dorothy Gilbert and her photographer husband James Burt launch her master class online. BalletMasterclass.fr It offers an introduction to classical dance in the form of training sessions (understanding the steps of preparing for a great dance …), “lessons” (makeup and cake) and of course, classical dance lessons (all levels). The platform is just getting started.

Van Eyck in the Fine Arts of Ghent

Zoom on the Flemish Primitive

While waiting for the return of major retrospective events in museums, we discover this photo tour of MSK’s recent Van Eyck Gallery in Ghent, the most complete ever. In short, “Van Eyck, a visual revolution” collected more than half of the Flemish painter’s work. This video (on Visit Flanders YouTube, with French subtitles) by co-curator Till-Holger Borchert is paired with a 3D tour (with a children’s version) presenting “Adoration of the Mysterious Pregnancy”, his masterpiece, without time limitations. virtualtour.vaneyck2020.be

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Jan van Eyck, “Portrait de Margarita Van Eyck” (1439).© Hugo Maertens / Musea Brugge, ukasweb.be/Art in Flanders

TCE Music and Dance Festival

Running to the rescue

In order to aid young creativity, Caisse des Dépôts creates a new digital festival on the boards (and website) at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées. Three music groups and three choreographers are invited for a photographer’s show. This week, it’s time for contemporary dance with Amala Dianor, hip-hop talent, and (starting Friday 10 am streaming) Tariq Ait Medawar and “The Resistance”. www.theatrechampselysees.fr

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