Apple: Patent guaranteed for virtual reality gloves

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Apple: VR Glove Can Do That

according to Description of patents Apple’s VR Glove is able to recognize the movements of each finger. This then translates into a virtual space that the user can see with the virtual reality glasses. Then they have the opportunity to touch digital objects. An advantage over classic input devices such as the console. The possibilities for interaction increase because the glove allows precise control of all fingers. To make this possible, Apple uses an inertial measurement unit. This identifies hand and finger movements in 3D space using acceleration and gyroscope sensors. The virtual reality gadget is said to resemble a regular glove because the company uses fabric as the material. According to the patent description, Apple plans to provide the highest level of user comfort.

Apple: When can a VR device be expected?

It is not yet known when and when Apple will announce the VR Comfort Gloves. It also remains to be seen whether the iPhone manufacturer will realize the tool.

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