5 tools make gameplay off screen

Sagas like FIFA, Mario Kart, and Pokémon have already tried this type of tool.

While video games continue to be a traditional form of entertainment in the vast majority of titles, there are also some that try Screen override. This usually happens when developers release a special device designed so that we can continue to perform certain actions. DailyWithout having to sit next to the console.

The latest to arrive are the adidas smart slippers, named after them GMR Compatible with FIFA Mobile. But he’s not the only one: that same year we had the best home races thanks to Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. Some are well known, others are less well; Here are some tools that move video games beyond the screen. Do you know them all?

Adidas GMR for FIFA Mobile

Adidas GMR for FIFA Mobile Do you play football and love FIFA Mobile? Then you can make what you do on the field be reflected in the capabilities you reach in the game, as it is a model that records various data through a small beacon application. The system is able to analyze the speed of the ball and the distance traveled by the player.

Home Race with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Home Race with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit We have enjoyed Mario Kart for many years, the franchise that allows us to compete on the track with Mario and the various Nintendo characters. However, we never imagined that the best of the rounds would end in the living room. The game uses RC cars and a camera to present homemade creations on the console screen.

The path consists of walking thanks to the Pokéwalker

The path consists of walking thanks to the Pokéwalker It’s a tool that comes with Pokémon Hearth Gold and Pokémon Soul Silver. We’re basically faced with a pedometer that measures our steps and turns them into game rewards: boosting your Pokémon experience, boosting your happiness stats, and getting watts to use for features like Pokéradar and Dowser, among other benefits.

The "Tamagotchi" From Dreamcast VMU

Le “Tamagotchi” from Dreamcast VMU Virtual Memory Units (VMUs) are what they look like: Sega Dreamcast memory cards. But its functionality goes beyond storing our game data; It’s home to mini-games and the most eye-catching one that lets you engage the Eggs of Chaos to play with and has an effect on the friendly creatures we see in Sonic Adventure.

Train at home with Nintendo

Train at home with Nintendo We no longer have any excuses for not exercising. Titles like Ring Fit Adventure and Wii Fit U give us different accessories that take our performance into the game by doing a good set of exercises. The key is to integrate mini-games and objectives to overcome the results through our activities, and to record different data on them.

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