Earth will say goodbye to its “second moon” next week

Torino – This small object with a diameter of 6 to 14 meters was discovered When approaching Earth on September 17th. He was not an “asteroid” movement, which, according to NASA’s calculations, was much slower than the one recorded at 3,025 km / h. Confirmation came later, meaning It has become a kind of “mini moon” of the earth. It was renamed “2020 SO” on November 8, 2020, and began orbiting our planet. On December 1 it reached its closest point, passing just over 5,000 kilometers (13% of the lunar distance).

Farewell to the “Second Moon”

Only at that time has a foreign body been identified so far: This is actually the Centaur Booster Rocket, Which was launched on the moon in the mid-1960s with the mission “Surveyor 2”. Its orbit will bring it closer to our planet in February and reach about 220,000 kilometers (58% of the distance between the Earth and the Moon). At that point it will begin to drop off Earth’s orbit, which will end in volatility in March 2021, becoming another object orbiting the sun. Next March 1st The virtual telescope program “Last Farewell” will be broadcast live in Rome A 2020 SO.

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Veronica Tucker

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