58% of French say they know and use mobile payment in stores

According to Lyf’s OpinionWay survey, 58% of French people say they know and use mobile payments in stores

Article 58% of French say they know and use mobile payment in stores first appeared MMAF.

Lyf, a French Fintech company that specializes in mobile payments and buying journeys, has revealed the results of its latest OpinionWay survey on “French Payment Services and Mobile”.

In just one year, French practices have evolved significantly. Usage intentions are also thriving, which is evidence that mobile payment services are democratizing. Back to the main lessons.

Mobile Payments: Tested in 2021 and Approved in 2022

Uses that fit the norms…:

  • 58% of French say they know and use mobile payment in stores
  • 61% digitize their loyalty cards (+5 points for 2021)

… and the innovations that began to find their audience:

  • 47% of French said they have already used a menu consultation, ordering or payment solution at the restaurant table (+8 points vs 2021)
  • 42% send money between friends (+5 points for 2021)
  • 40% create or participate in online groups (+ 4 points vs. 2021)
  • In the interest of new things and often early adopters, 40% of 16-24 year olds have already received a QR code.

Intentions to use to rise among beginners

In the future, the majority of French (69%) intend to use the click and collect service and more than half (56%) would like to order or pay at the table. Two items, up 8 points from last year.

In-store mobile payments, whether “contactless” or via QR code, are gaining in popularity with 63% and 39% of users respectively wanting to test it.

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Finally, with the approach of good weather and breaks on the balcony, 38% of the French want to use electronic tips.

People between the ages of 25 and 34 are those who stand out the most in these new uses. Keeping a close eye on trends, responsible for home shopping and with a higher purchasing power than its juniors, this class of French are particularly enthusiastic about the idea of ​​paying via their smartphone.

In fact, in the coming months, the majority of them would like to use Click & Collect (78%), Contactless Mobile Payment (68%), and Order & Pay at the table (62%). E-tipping is also attractive, with 45% of targeted users.

Mobile payment services follow the natural evolution of the adoption curve of new technologies. If they first attracted a knowledgeable and early adopter audience, the health crisis and the acceleration of digital technology in the retail and restaurant sectors made it possible to quickly pass the course and democratize all innovations with the general public. Today, paying for purchases via smartphone has never been so easy and safe, and more and more French are allowing themselves to be seduced or to offer themselves in new uses. “We are entering a new era,” says Christoph Dolick, Lyf CEO.

Article 58% of French say they know and use mobile payment in stores first appeared MMAF.

source : https://www.mobilemarketing.fr/58-des-francais-dec…

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