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Amadeus and the big flaw he carries inside. This was stated by the presenter in a recent interview

If there is one conductor who has been able to accelerate his success in recent years, it is without a doubt Amadeus. His life, after a period of time, has seen great excitement for the roles entrusted to him in recent years. The conductor is found to be more than the integrated dimension in RAI, where he has become one of the most relevant characters. Thanks to the excellent work done in recent years, there Amadeus has shown excellent professional and unique skills, which has allowed him to host one of the most important events in the country for three years.

Amadeus (web resource)

The ‘San Remo Festival‘, In fact, contains the signature of Amadeus from the three versions below. An extraordinary victory was also given by the numbers that proved that RAI was right to trust Amedeo Sebastiani (his name in the registry office). With the explosion of Maneskin, with the success of Blanco and Mahmoud this year, the success of the music that came from the festival. In short, the work was important and rewarded with equally important ratings to the public broadcaster.

That is why we are now talking about what the fourth Amadeus could be. The public will be happy, but the RAI leaders also have full confidence in him. This was also understood in the moments of exchange with the press, where Amadeus was redefined as new. Pippo Pauto. If anyone thinks that Fiorello’s existence is the basis for its success (along with two consecutive editions conducted in conjunction with Amadeus), it shows that Amedeo won from the Ariston stage in 2022, even without a stable shoulder.

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Amadeus and the great weakness he brings with him

Amadeus (web resource)

So there has been a lot of talk about the character of Amadeus in recent months. Of course, the presenter is not new to the audience, but his love affair is trivial Giovana Civitillo The media is the subject of gossip. The two love each other very much, and often this aspect is emphasized even during interviews.

However, there is something that Amadeus carries inside. A weak pointThat being said, it is also obvious Affected his career. He himself spoke about this during a recent interview with ‘Vanity Fair’ loudspeaker. The 2021 edition describes everything from a missed tribute to Boohs’ Stefano D’Orcio.

I have one drawback: I like to do too much. Coming from a Southern family, I have always had the respect of having a lot of guests eat, ”the presenter began. “I’ve always wanted to do more – 26 singers is a way to restart music – but leaving important things on the street is risky, and I’m sorry for that,” Amadeus clarified.

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