6 best tech gifts for gadget lovers

The latest gadgets are the things that bring instant happiness to gadget lovers. Here is a set of gifts for him or her that are of exceptional quality and also look great.

So we found at least one gift for each member of your family:

Hear from your generation Z cousin: the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Be it games, live broadcasts, or selfies, this new feature in the Galaxy lineup is very much in the spirit of Gen-Z. A professional triple-lens camera, super zoom, and best night shots make this smartphone the perfect ally for vloggers, TikTokkers and Instagrammers. The infinitely smooth screen allows you to scroll endlessly. It looks like the dream gift of any teenager (and adult).

© Samsung

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For your brother who just moved: Sonos Five Speaker

Do you have a family music fan or someone just bought a new home? There is no better talent than a quality speaker (and admittedly, aesthetically pleasing). Not only does the Sonos Five look – which you can combine to create a stereo – that matters, warm sound fills every room and makes it more comfortable in the home. The companion Sonos app will call technicians as well.

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Sonos Speaker Tool
© Sonos

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For your sporty sister: Huawei Watch Fit

The sports watch is the ally (and motivation!) For any athlete, whether it’s to track their progress, engage in a long walk or a short jogging session. Huawei Watch Fit includes several quick exercise animations, 13 running classes, 96 training modes, and provides personalized training tips. The waterproof Watch Fit also measures your sleep and stress level. So you can enter the new year in good health, fitness and in good shape.

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Sports watches tool
© Huawei

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For your phone addicted friend: Fresh ‘n rebel power bank

The perfect gift for the one friend whose phone seems stuck in her hand? Power bank with a large battery and stylish appearance.

Battery is attached
© Fresh ‘n Rebel

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For your little friend who can help you more with the housework: the Dyson V11 Vacuum Cleaner

Honestly, no one is happy with cleaning, but someone has to take care of it! Do the boring chores usually end up on your shoulders and should your boyfriend help you with that much? Do it smartly in 2021 by following this tip: Buy a high-tech home appliance that will impress everyone. The Dyson V11 is the perfect example, as it’s wireless, hi-tech, and smart (and with a little imagination, it looks like a Star Wars lighted sword). Before we even realize it, get into squatting every day.

Dyson vacuum cleaner for household chores
© Dyson

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For your always late friend: Philips Smartsleep Alert Light

Give someone a good night’s sleep with this innovative Philips lamp. The “wake up light” is connected to your smartphone so that the lamp can be set to the desired size. Target ? The light becomes brighter gradually to mimic the natural awakening. Also measure your sleep pattern and receive personalized advice. In 2021 equipped!

Wake-up lighting tool
© Phillips

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