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From the upper respiratory tract, the fibers and particles deposited with the respiratory mucus are carried through small flexible hairs (cilia) towards the mouth and then swallowed. GT experts concluded: “In our opinion, the fibers emitted from the masks do not pose any health risks or relatively low health risks; the reduction in the risk of infection far outweighs the problem.” Therefore swallowing particles from masks is also a small risk, however, it must be ensured that poor respirator masks are not used.

When making the evaluation, it must also be borne in mind that in addition to bacteria and viruses, mouth and nose protection also keeps particles and fibers from the air that can be absorbed without a mask. The amount of fibers absorbed from masks can actually exceed the amount of fibers from textiles that we are exposed to continuously under certain conditions – for example in workplaces where respirator masks must be worn permanently. However, “employees who wear respirators every day are not known to pose any particular health risks.”

According to the study by Mainz, the proliferation of products not marked with “CE”, which was discussed as a potential safety risk for users, should be viewed critically. The hypothesis is that from certain non-CE FFP masks, more polypropylene fibers enter the inhaled airflow, which may lead to an accumulation on the nasal mucosa and possibly the entire airway.

CE mark is not a quality seal; The manufacturer or distributor is only responsible for declaring that their product meets applicable European requirements. It is unclear to what extent improperly rated or poor quality masks are sold in this country.

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