63 years old with a cell phone on his ear and without a driver’s license he stopped

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Koblenz. As part of the patrol, police officers noticed the driver of an Opel Corsa on Friday morning (July 9, 11:14 a.m.) in downtown Koblenz, who was using his mobile phone while driving. This was announced by the police headquarters in Koblenz today.

The driver was informed of his misconduct through the open side windows of the two vehicles, but was shown to be unreasonable and should be checked afterwards. However, he ignored the request to stop and continued driving regardless of stop signs and blue lights. He did not stop driving until the patrol car sat in front of him, preventing him from continuing his journey.

In the course of subsequent monitoring, it turns out that the 63-year-old has not had a valid driver’s license since 2007. Thus, not only does he have to respond to using a mobile phone while driving and ignoring signs and instructions from police officers, but he is also threatened with criminal charges due to Driving without a driver’s license

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