A Zelda video game cartridge sold for more than 730,000 euros at auction

Dated 1987, the coin was still sealed in its original packaging.

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A cartridge for vintage Nintendo NES consoles for the legendary video game “The Legend of Zelda” was auctioned for a “record” $870,000 (€732,600) on Friday, July 10, Heritage Auctions announced in a press release. “This is the hub” From this part-online sale through Sunday that includes “443 contracts”Eric Bradley, a spokesperson for the Dallas-based company explained. Dated 1987, the coin was still sealed in its original packaging.

For the auction house, this is a file Video game world record.Before sale, last April, still in Heritage Auctions, a 1986 “Super Mario Bros” video game cartridge for the Nintendo NES ($660,000 / €555,766). Heritage did not inform the identity of the buyer(s).

A mixture of adventure, action, and exploration in a world of magic, “Zelda” is one of the most important titles in video game history and a graphic icon for Nintendo, that you’ve always owned. to its catalog of controllers. For several years now, vintage video games have enjoyed increasing success with gamers feeling nostalgic.

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