7 Best Smart Home Gadgets From CES 2024

It can be hard to keep up with the best smart home gadgets on display at CES 2024. From AI-powered devices to robotic assistants, there’s no shortage of reveals. Luckily for you, our team has sorted through the waves of upcoming products and concepts to pick the gear that will make your life easier.

We’ve rounded up the 7 best smart home gadgets from the biggest tech show of the year in the list below. These devices feature new apps and mechanical functions that will enhance your living space and make them easier to use on a daily basis.

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Best Smart Home Controller

Linxura Smart Home Controller

Linxura Smart Controller at CES 2024

This compact, disc-shaped device can control up to 52 smart devices via an iPod-style scroll wheel. It stands out from other physical smart home controllers because it’s compatible with a wide range of platforms including Alexa, Sonos, LIFX, and Philips. Future updates will add support for Matter and Google Home.

You can see up to four of your devices at once on this little gadget’s e-ink display. Turn the click wheel and you’ll see additional pages for devices as well as scenes to control them. Linxura’s decision to use e-ink instead of an LCD panel pays off, as the controller can last up to three months on a single charge. And when it finally runs out of juice, you can recharge it by plugging a USB-C charger into a port on the back.

Tapping the wheel will turn the specific device on, while double-tapping it will turn it off. However, you can also tap and hold to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to let the wheel adjust various functions of the smart home device like brightness, temperature, volume, etc. Linxura also sells a wall mount for the device on its website. That way you can leave it mounted on your bed headboard or even on the kitchen wall where more people will be able to access and use it. Think of it like a smart light switch, but for every connected device in your home. The Linxura smart controller is available now for $99.

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Best Smart Lights

Nanoleaf Permanent Outdoor Lighting

Nanoleaf Smart Outdoor Permanent LightsNanoleaf Smart Outdoor Permanent Lights

Like the Govee permanent outdoor lighting kit we reviewed last year, Nanoleaf’s smart outdoor lighting system is weatherproof and can be left outside year-round. These multi-colored lights add extra visibility and style to your home’s outdoor areas like your front yard or backyard.

You can use the Nanoleaf app to browse the moving shapes and patterns. These lights will also sync with Nanoleaf’s new Orchestrator desktop app to use your computer as a live sound source. This allows you to sync your lights to move with clear sound from any music streaming platform or audio player.

Currently, most smart lights use the microphones built into your smartphone or tablet to sync the smart lights to the beat. Unfortunately, the sounds of passing cars or people talking nearby can ruin the effect. The new bulbs are expected to arrive in spring 2024, with pricing to be revealed at a later date.

best robot vacuum cleaner

Roborock S8 Max Ultra

Roborock SS8 MaxV Ultra in white.Roborock SS8 MaxV Ultra in white.

The Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra is the company’s smartest hybrid vacuum-cleaning robot. Roborock’s onboard computer powers a voice assistant, a robotic arm, and an advanced obstacle avoidance system. It can also make video calls or let you watch a live video feed provided by its built-in camera as it moves around your room. That makes it even more versatile as one of the best security cameras and robot vacuums available. Plus, it supports the Matter protocol to work with any future smart home ecosystem.

When the S8 MaxV Ultra is done cleaning (using AI to adjust cleaning settings) for each room in your home, it automatically returns to its built-in charging base to empty its dust bin, refill the mop, and recharge the battery. The base also cleans itself and rinses the mop with hot water and then tumbles it dry to ensure everything is clean and odor-free. This type of Roborock can also be plugged directly into your home’s plumbing to supply the robot with clean water and drain without having to fill and empty tanks. The S8 MaxV Ultra will be available from Roborock for $1,800 in April.

best home robot

Samsung Bally Robot

Samsung BaliSamsung Bali

AI has been a big part of Samsung’s smart home product lineup, from appliances like its dedicated smart fridge to its latest TVs. Samsung’s Ballie AI robot has an edge over brands like LG because it can stream videos, control your smart home devices, and even map your smart home using LiDAR to place connected devices on the SmartThings Map View as it roams your home. Ballie can also answer your calls and text you with updates on your pets. Unfortunately, there are no details on pricing, launch, or availability.

best smart lock

locked face

Lockly Visage smart lock scans your faceLockly Visage smart lock scans your face

Lockly Visage is the first smart home lock that uses facial scanning to unlock your door. It works by using two 2MP infrared cameras to accurately detect your face from about one meter away. This not only keeps your hands completely free, but it works efficiently in less than two seconds.

The Lockly app lets you store up to 100 face profiles, configure a motion sensor, and control the smart lock online using the built-in Wi-Fi. We’ve used Lockly’s Flex and Vision models before and can vouch for the responsiveness of the fingerprint reader and Genie PIN encryption feature that’s been carried over to this model. We plan to test the Visage before it launches this summer for $349.

best smart device

LG Smart Laundry Set

Woman places oversized blanket in LG's Smart Washing MachineA woman places an oversized blanket in the LG Smart Laundry Set.

The LG All-In-One Washer saves you valuable space by combining a washer and dryer into one unit. Despite its space-saving slotless design, the WashCombo can still hold 5.0 cubic feet of large laundry piles or a king-size comforter.

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Once your load is off, the washer’s built-in AI uses sensors to detect fabric, soil level, and size. This then creates an optimized cleaning setting almost instantly, completing the job in just two hours. Of course, this machine comes with LG’s ThinQ smart home platform, which lets you check the status of your cycle, control your washer, and receive notifications from anywhere on the web.

The SmartWash Combo WM6998HBA ($2,999, LG) is now available for purchase at LG.com.

Best Smart Security Camera

Abu Edge Wireless Surveillance Camera

Home Dash CamHome Dash Cam

If you have a larger property, Abode’s new Wireless Edge Security Camera offers a revolutionary Wi-Fi range of up to 1.5 miles. This is the first camera to use Wi-Fi HaLow, a low-power, long-range wireless data signal that travels much further than standard Wi-Fi signals. Its speeds range dangerously between 150Kbps and 15Mbps, but that’s still enough to stream stable video.

Abode hasn’t shared any specs other than an IP67 weather-resistant rating and a built-in 6,000mAh battery, which the company says should last up to a year. The camera stays in deep sleep mode until its motion sensor detects activity to further extend battery life.

The Abode Edge camera is expected to launch in Q1 2024 and will cost $199. You'll also need to own an Abode home security system to use it, which starts at $139 for its base configuration, the Abode Security Kit.

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