The Rust team talks about how many cheaters there really are and new ways to stop them

Rust is a successful game, and the team is now telling us how many cheaters there really are on the service and what new ways to stop them.


Developer Rust, Facepunch Studios has released a new blog post for the game's big monthly update. Among the new features is a new one Anti-cheat upgrade.

According to the study, they have been since April A total of 63,393 players have been banned. While 8,018 of these bans are temporary, 55,375 are permanent. A breakdown revealed that there were 15,440 permanent bans in June, 19,876 in May and 20,059 in April.

Between April and June, Facepunch statistics show that there were Over 320,000 cheater reports by other players. However, these reports only come from the game's official servers. As for unofficial servers, the blog post says there have been 3,645,165 reports since April.

Comment from the Rust developers

“In the last 31 days, we have 1,751,457 unique players and almost half a million daily active players,” Facepunch said. “Using the measurements above, one can interpret that 1.2% of all players are cheaters; It is very common for such players to use multiple accounts throughout the month. Cheaters often get an account suspension, get another account, get another ban, and so on, inflating the real number.

The studio said it was working on “Many test functions “to fight cheaters” and some of these changes are nearing completion and will be distributed soon. However, it is not clear what they will be.

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There are many ways to harass cheaters, and Call of Duty has showcased many examples over the years, such as creating fake enemies, canceling dealt damage, and turning honest players invisible. One of the most popular methods is the splat, a technique that cuts off cheaters' parachutes. But why not just ban cheaters? According to the Rust authors, the problem is that many users create a new account and start cheating again in an endless cycle. Making their lives hell with strange happenings would be more effective instead and stop deceiving them.

Veronica Tucker

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